Reasons to Support an Atlanta Non-Profit that Helps People with Kidney Disease

Atlanta Non-ProfitIn your search for an Atlanta non-profit to support, you’ll find many worthy organizations that help a variety of people, from veterans to cancer patients. If you decide to contribute to charity, consider assisting one that helps people with kidney disease, like American Kidney Services. We’re an Atlanta non-profit that collects donations of used clothing and household items and forwards the funds they generate to organizations that provide direct financial support to people with kidney disease. The money we raise with Atlanta residents’ donated goods helps people through incredibly difficult times, and often, it even saves lives.

Chronic kidney disease is the gradual loss of kidney function. Failing kidneys can no longer properly filter toxins and waste from the blood stream, control the production of red blood cells, or do other vital tasks. For that reason, people with kidney disease need medications and frequent treatments, like dialysis, to live. Even with health insurance, the cost of these treatments can add up and become nearly impossible to afford.

That’s why your donations to Atlanta non-profit organizations that assist kidney disease patients are so important. Your contributions relieve some of the stress that people with kidney disease and their families face when they’re struggling to afford treatment in addition to necessities like rent and electricity. The financial aid Atlanta non-profit organizations like ours provides helps patients focus on receiving treatment, and, in short, it helps keep them alive.

To make a donation of used clothing or household goods to our Atlanta non-profit, simply call us or fill out the online form, and we’ll pick your items up for free from your home. We’ll remind you when our collection trucks will be in your neighborhood, and you’ll be able to leave your items out by your mailbox in a bag or box labeled “AKS.” You can also take your donations to a nearby Value Village or to any of our hundreds of drop boxes.

Contributing to charity is a wonderful way to help the world, the nation, and the communities of Atlanta. Non-profit organizations like American Kidney Services work hard every day to help people in need, but we can’t do it without your generous support.

For more information on American Kidney Services, an Atlanta non-profit, please contact us today.