Give to Charitable Organizations in Atlanta, Woodstock, Chamblee, Norcross & throughout Georgia

charitable_organizationsIt’s important to donate to charitable organizations in Atlanta that have a clear mission, which is why American Kidney Services (AKS) wants you to know about the programs we support through our partnership with local and national charities. By collecting your used clothing and household items, we’re able to generate proceeds that go directly to  local and national charities and their quest to lighten the financial burden of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Someone who suffers from kidney disease can encounter a variety of expenses. If they require dialysis each day, they may not be able to hold down a job, which makes paying bills and rent extremely difficult. AKF offers direct monetary aid to these patients and helps subsidize the costs of treatment-related expenses, such as:

  • Co-payments for medication and doctor’s appointments
  • Transportation costs to and from dialysis centers
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • At-home medical equipment
  • Insurance premiums
  • And much more

Donate for free and help local charitable organizations like AKS and AKF by gathering clothes, small appliances, books, toys, kitchenware, electronics, small furniture, and decorative items that you no longer use. Request a convenient, complimentary donation pick up by calling 770-441-2220 or filling out our online form. You can also donate items at our AKS storefront donation center in Atlanta, donation drop boxes, or Value Village locations. For more information about our green charity, feel free to contact us today. We are one of the top charitable organizations serving Atlanta, Norcross, Chamblee, and all surrounding areas.