Charitable Donations from Roswell, GA, Residents Help AKS Provide Support to Kidney Disease Patients

Charitable Donations Roswell GAMaking charitable donations should be a simple process, and at American Kidney Services, that is something we certainly understand. That’s why we have strived through the years to make it easy for residents of Roswell, Georgia, and the surrounding area to make contributions to our charitable organization. We offer several convenient ways to donate to our charity, including complimentary donation pickup services. AKS will gladly send uniformed drivers to a home or business in the area to collect charitable donations, giving local residents an opportunity to donate without having to worry about transporting items to a donation center. A donation pickup can be scheduled by calling us or using our online form. Our drivers make pickups Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. until dark.

Other ways residents of Roswell, GA, and nearby communities can make charitable donations to AKS include:

  • Dropping off items at any of our conveniently located drop boxes
  • Taking items to our storefront location in Atlanta
  • Bringing goods to any Value Village thrift department store during regular business hours

Items that you can donate to AKS include clothing, toys, electronics, books, tools, antiques, small furniture, small kitchen appliances, and more. All goods donated to our charity benefit people affected by kidney disease, a life-threatening illness that affects roughly 31 million individuals in the United States.

If you want to donate to charity, please contact AKS today. We welcome charitable donations from residents of Roswell, GA, and all surrounding communities.