Charity Donations in Atlanta – Determining the Value of Non-Cash Contributions

When you want to do a good deed and give to a charity in the Atlanta area, you have the choice of making a monetary donation or a non-cash contribution. It’s a good idea to determine which charity you want to donate to based on what you have to give and what types of donations they accept. Some organizations only accept cash, while others accept anything from clothes to cars. When you donate to a qualified, tax-exempt organization, your donations may be tax deductible*. This means that you can subtract the value of your donation to charity organizations from the total amount of your annual income that is subject to taxes.

If your non-cash donations to charity are tax-deductible*, you might wonder how you can estimate their value, since the items are likely used or old. Many people don’t save receipts for things like small electronics, clothes, toys, books, and other donatable items, so a good way to estimate the item’s current value – taking into consideration its age and condition – is to refer to the IRS guidelines or ask the charity if they have their own set of valuation guidelines. You may also want to see what similar used items are selling for at thrift stores or charity stores in your area.

If you would like to find a top charity in the Atlanta area that accepts donations of clothing, housewares, electronics, small appliances, books, and more, consider contributing to American Kidney Services. All contributions to our organization are tax deductible*, and we offer a free donation pickup service throughout Atlanta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Stone Mountain, Cumming, Decatur, and all of the surrounding areas. To add your name and phone number to our pickup list, simply sign up online or call 770-609-2200.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law