Donating to Charity Groups like American Kidney Services Benefits People in Need

Charity Groups Atlanta, GAHave you ever made donations to charity groups and wondered exactly what kind of impact those donations made? Oftentimes, the answer can be found simply by looking at the mission statement of the organization that you chose to donate to. At American Kidney Services (AKS), one of many charity groups in Atlanta, the affirmation is fairly cut and dried: our mission is to provide support to charitable organizations that fight kidney disease. The support we provide helps the charity we’ve aligned with – the American Kidney Fund (AKF) – make an impact in the lives of people with kidney disease, a life-threatening condition that currently affects more than 31 million Americans.

The AKF, one of the nation’s most renowned charity groups, spends 97 cents of every dollar it receives on kidney disease-related services. Those services include direct financial aid for things like dialysis and other treatment-related expenses, as well as educational programs on this preventable condition. In 2012 alone, the AKF provided direct assistance to kidney disease patients in every U.S. state (nearly 84,000 people total), and provided education about treating and preventing kidney disease to millions of people nationwide.

Some charity groups request monetary donations, but AKS asks only for product donations like clothing, toys, books, electronics, small furniture, antiques, tools, and other common household items. The proceeds those goods generate are then donated to the AKF to help fund its valuable programs and services, helping one of the nation’s top charitable organizations continue its mission.

At AKS, we understand donating to charity groups should be simple and stress-free, and we’ve strived to create donation methods that reflect that. We pick up donations from homes and businesses in all communities near Atlanta free of charge, a service many other area charity groups don’t offer. Local residents can also drop off donations at any of our drop boxes, at any nearby Value Village, or at our storefront location in Atlanta.

If you would like to support charity groups that are dedicated to helping people in need, contact AKS and make a donation. You can schedule our drivers to pick up donations by calling us at 770-609-2200 or by using our online form. Residents of Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Marietta, Roswell, Smyrna, and other communities near Atlanta can join our free pickup list and be notified when we will be in the area collecting donations.