Top Charity Organizations Serving Douglasville, GA & Nearby Communities Include American Kidney Services

Charity Organizations Douglasville GACharity organizations should be fully dedicated to helping others in need, and residents of Douglasville, Georgia, and the surrounding area can feel confident that American Kidney Services (AKS) upholds this foundational belief. Our charity strives to help people the approximately 31 million people nationwide affected by kidney disease. Generous contributions of clothing and other household goods to our organization generate proceeds that help individuals affected by this life-threatening disease receive the medical care that is necessary to survive. The funds that result from the sale of goods donated to AKS benefit programs of American Kidney Fund (AKF), one of the nation’s most renowned kidney disease charity organizations. AKF provides direct financial aid for treatment-related expenses to men, women, and children affected by kidney disease, as well as other programs and services for people with and at risk of developing kidney disease.

Items you can donate to AKS include:

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Housewares
  • And much more

While some charity organizations in the Douglasville, GA, area require local residents to bring items they want to donate to a donation center, AKS does not. We will gladly come to your home to pick up donations – and we’ll do so free of charge. You can schedule our drivers to make a donation pickup by calling us or using our online form. Like many other charity organizations, AKS also has a number of locations where donations can be dropped off to support our cause. These locations include 24/7 drop boxes, a storefront in Atlanta, and Value Village thrift department stores in the area.

Contact AKS today if you are interested in making a donation that will benefit kidney disease patients in need, and to learn why we are considered one of the top charity organizations serving Douglasville, GA, and nearby communities.