Donate to a Charity that Supports Programs and Services for People in Need

charity-programs-helpIf you find yourself wondering whether to pledge support to a certain Atlanta, GA, area charity, consider the programs and services that are offered to people in need through donations to that particular organization. It may force you to do a little research, but it’s a worthwhile effort. After all, the best reward from donating is knowing that your contribution to charity went toward programs and services that helped make an impact in the life of someone else.

Since charities exist to help people in less fortunate situations, like those affected by a life-threatening illness, it’s important to know you can trust the organizations you are considering to fully abide by their mission statements of helping others. Charities rely on the generosity of others to produce necessary funding for their missions, but unfortunately there are some fraudulent scams run by people who prey on the same generosity and essentially steal funds that could have supported valuable charity programs for needy individuals. Since the last thing you want to do is make a donation that doesn’t support the stated cause, it’s important to be mindful of where you donate, which is why doing a little research on an organization can go a long way. If a charity has reputable programs and services that benefit people in the community who need assistance, that organization should be pushed to the forefront of your list when it comes to determining where to donate.

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and want to donate to a reputable charity, consider giving to American Kidney Services (AKS). Our organization accepts common household items as donations, such as clothes, furniture, electronics, toys, and housewares. Donations to our charity help fund programs and services of the American Kidney Fund (AKF), a nonprofit organization that provides direct financial assistance to people with kidney disease.

Call AKS or use our online form to schedule our complimentary donation pickup services, or drop off donations at our storefront location in Atlanta, at any of our drop boxes, or at any local Value Village thrift department store. Contact us today for more information about our charity and to learn how your donations benefit the programs and services AKF offers to kidney disease patients.