Atlanta Area Clothes Donations Are Tax Deductible When You Give to American Kidney Services

clothes_donations_taxClothes donations are tax deductible* when you give to American Kidney Services (AKS), and obtaining a tax receipt for your contributions is convenient and stress-free. If you schedule a donation pick up in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, or any surrounding area, our drivers will always leave a tax receipt for you, and if you decide to make a donation drop off at any of our donation locations, you can ask for a tax receipt or request that one be mailed to you.

It’s easy to prepare your tax-deductible* clothes donations for pick up. Simply follow these steps:

  • Look through your closets and dressers for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing that you would like to donate. A good rule of thumb is to donate any item that you or your family hasn’t worn in over a year.
  • Make an inventory of the clothes you’re going to donate and estimate the clothing’s approximate value given its current condition. If you’re not sure, see our suggested valuation list.
  • Request a donation pick up by calling 770-609-2200 or filling out our online form to add your contact information to our regular pick up list. We will call you when donation collections are being scheduled for your area.
  • Pack your tax-deductible* clothing donations in bags or boxes and label with “AKS.” This step is extremely important because our pick up drivers are not allowed to collect items that are not properly labeled.
  • On the day of your donation pick up, place your donated items outside in a clean, dry place, preferably somewhere that will be visible from the road. AKS drivers cannot enter your home or garage to collect items, though you can place them beneath a car port.
  • A tax receipt will be left for the donated items, though please keep in mind that AKS does not estimate the value of the donated items – this can only be done by the donor prior to pick up. File your receipt and inventory list in a safe place so that you will have them handy when filling out your tax forms.

In addition to clothes, AKS also accepts tax-deductible* donations of electronics, small appliances, small furniture, books, decorative items, toys, kitchenware, linens, and other housewares. We cannot accept large appliances or large pieces of furniture, such as washers, dryers, sofas, refrigerators, mattresses, or patio furniture.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law