Charity Groups Atlanta GADonating to Charity Groups in Atlanta, GA Can Help Patients with Kidney Disease Pay for Costly Treatments

American Kidney Services is one of many charity groups in Atlanta, Georgia. What sets us apart from other charities is that we accept donations of clothes and household items to help patients suffering from kidney disease.

We all have clothes or small kitchen appliances that are laying around our home, collecting dust and remaining unused. Why not help relieve your house of some of this clutter while also helping individuals who are struggling with their medical bills? Unique among other charity groups, American Kidney Services gives all net proceeds raised through donations from people like you to the American Kidney Fund, which helps cover the medical bills of patients with kidney disease. Treating kidney disease can be very expensive, with many patients needing the following treatments:

  • Hemodialysis – This treatment requires blood to be taken out of a patient in order to remove impurities that would typically be removed by a healthy kidney. While many patients undergo this type of dialysis, it is a very costly treatment, so donations from charity groups can help ease some of the financial burden faced by patients.
  • Peritoneal dialysis – Unlike hemodialysis, which pumps blood out of the body to filter it, this type of dialysis uses the inner lining of a patient’s stomach to help remove impurities.
  • Kidney transplant – One of the ways to stop dialysis treatments is to undergo a kidney transplant. This can be a difficult and lengthy process because all kidney donors need to be screened to match their donated kidney with a kidney disease patient. This helps ensure that the patient’s body won’t reject their new kidney. Like most surgeries, kidney transplants are risky and expensive, which is why it’s so beneficial for Atlanta charity groups like American Kidney Services to help raise funds for patients with kidney disease.

If you have belongings you’d like to donate to charity groups, you’ll be glad to know that donating to American Kidney Services is fast and easy. To be added to our pick-up list, all you need to do is call us or fill out our online form. We’ll then contact you before we stop by to pick up your donations, at which point you can gather your items into a bag or box labeled “AKS” and place your donations on your curb or driveway. If you’d prefer skip this process, you can also leave your items in any of our drop boxes.

If you live in Atlanta, GA and American Kidney Services sounds like one of the charity groups you’d like to donate to, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.