Save Lives: Donate Used Furniture to American Kidney Services, an Atlanta, GA Charity

Donate Used Furniture Atlanta GAWhen you donate used furniture to American Kidney Services, an Atlanta, Georgia charity, you help save the lives of people suffering from kidney disease. We accept donations of small furniture – things that are easy to lift, like dining chairs and end tables – as well as clothing, small kitchen appliances, toys, linens, and most other household items. To make it as easy as possible for Atlanta area residents to donate, we offer free curbside pick-up. Just fill out our online form to have your items picked up from your curbside whenever your home is next on our truck route.

You can donate used furniture in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area at our storefront location or any Value Village location. We accept donations of small furniture pieces, like:

  • End tables
  • Dining chairs
  • Televisions
  • Trunks
  • Lamps
  • Picture frames and other decorative items
  • And much more

The funds generated from your donated items go toward programs that provide direct financial support to people with kidney disease who are struggling to pay their bills and still afford their dialysis. Dialysis is the medical process that performs the functions of the kidneys – necessary functions, like waste and toxin removal, that keep people alive. So when you donate used furniture, clothing, and other household items to us, you help save lives.

Additionally, when you donate used furniture and other items to American Kidney Services that you would have otherwise thrown away, you’re doing something good for the planet. Donating to AKS means that you are potentially recycling household goods for other individuals to use, meaning fewer raw materials are being taken up and less energy is used to produce new items. Reusing and recycling are beautiful things, and now they are beautiful things that can ease the hardship of people with kidney disease.

To learn more about how to donate used furniture and other items to American Kidney Services, contact us today. We greatly appreciate all of our Atlanta, GA area donators. Your contribution means more to somebody than you know.