The Best Way to Donate Clothes in Alpharetta, GA

A woman is selecting clothes from her closet to go in a donation boxWith spring cleaning right around the corner, you turn your thoughts to getting rid of excess stuff—like the clothes in your closet you’ve never even taken the tags off of. Or the ones that don’t fit any more. Or the ones that never fit to begin with, like your “someday jeans.” You can donate clothes quickly and easily to American Kidney Services, Inc. in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Donate Clothes Via Donation Pick-Up

If you’re constantly pressed for time and don’t want to deal with hauling bags of clothes in and out of your car, you can schedule a donation pick-up. Simply create an account for our pick-up service.

Call us any time at 770-441-2220 whenever you have a donation to make. Then on your donation pick-up day, put your clothes and other household items in bags or boxes clearly labeled with “AKS,” and put them outside where our drivers can easily see them. We don’t allow our drivers to enter your home or take anything that’s not labeled.

Donate Clothes Via Donation Drop-Off

If you’re constantly on the move, running all over town for kids’ baseball, softball, and soccer teams, dropping the dog off at the vet, and picking up your spouse’s suits from the dry cleaners, it may be simpler for you to use one of our convenient donation drop-off locations.

If you’re ever near any of the 10 Value Village stores in the greater Atlanta area, you can drop your donations off there. You can also donate clothes at the Roswell Recycling Center at 11750 Maxwell Rd. in Roswell if you’re nearby. If not, you can use our drop box locator to find a list of the boxes closest to you.

Why You Should Donate Clothes to AKS, Inc.

AKS helps support more than 37 million Americans who are living with chronic kidney disease. When you donate clothes in Alpharetta, GA, that goes toward that goal. If you ever have questions about how or where to donate clothes, you can contact us via our website or call us at 770-441-2220.