Donate Clothes in Athens, GA to Help Charities Supporting Patients with Kidney Disease

Donate Clothes Athens GAWhen you donate clothes in Athens, Georgia to benefit American Kidney Services, you’re contributing to the American Kidney Fund, a renowned charity that helps thousands of patients with kidney disease pay for their transportation, dialysis treatments, and medication. The work of the American Kidney Fund is crucial because kidney disease is very expensive to treat and is characterized by physical debilitation, which affects patients’ ability to work.

American Kidney Services helps support those suffering from renal disease by accepting donations of clothes and other items, and giving all the net proceeds to the American Kidney Fund. Since we understand the importance of supporting American Kidney Fund, we encourage residents of the Athens area to donate clothes to our charity, including:

• Coats and sweaters
• Denim clothing
• Khaki pants
• Evening dresses
• Wedding dresses
• Children’s clothing
• Men’s and women’s suits
• Infant clothing

Aside from helping patients of kidney disease and decluttering your home of belongings you no longer use, when you donate clothes and other items to American Kidney Services, your donations will be considered tax deductible.* Plus, the process of donating to our charity is easy and convenient. If you’d like us to pick up your donations from your driveway or curb, we simply ask that you fill out our online form. You can also donate clothes and other items by leaving them in any of our drop boxes located around the Athens, GA area, or leave your donation at your nearest Value Village thrift store.

To learn more the process of donating to us or about our charity, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and further explain how your decision to donate clothes and other items to us benefits patients with kidney disease.

*Items are tax deductible to the fullest extend allowed by law.