The Benefits of Donating with AKS Atlanta

A mom and dad sit on the couch with their young daughters on their laps holding a remote and popcorn while smilingIf you have extra clothing or other household items cluttering up your home, you may be wondering whether it would be better to sell those items or donate them to a charity. While selling to a consignment store or through another method may be tempting, the benefits of donating simply outweigh those of selling—especially when you partner with American Kidney Services. We believe in making it easier than ever for Atlanta, Georgia, residents to donate their items and experience benefits like:

1. Giving to a Good Cause

AKS accepts donations on behalf of the American Kidney Fund, a certified charitable organization that provides much-needed funding to the fight against kidney disease. The confidence of knowing that your donation will go to directly support this cause? Now that’s one benefit that simply can’t be beat.

2. Not Having to Leave Your Home

While we do have plenty of conveniently located donation drop boxes—which are available 24 hours, seven days a week—we also offer an even simpler option: Our contactless donation pickup program. This service makes donating to charity easier than ever, as our trucks will come straight to your home or workplace to collect your items. Getting started is simple, just create an account online or give us a call at 866-766-1957 to join our charity donation pickup list.

3. Getting a Charity Tax Return

We all love getting a little money in return at the end of the tax year, which makes the thought of receiving a charity tax return yet another incentive to donate with AKS. Any charity donations made to us will be considered tax deductible (to the fullest extent allowed by law), and you can find more information about how it works on our website.

Get Started Today

To experience the benefits of donating for yourself, all you have to do is get in touch with American Kidney Services. Contact us at 866-766-1957 today to learn more about our mission or schedule your pickup online for donations in the Atlanta, GA, area.