Donate Furniture in Midtown Atlanta, GA from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Donate Furniture Midtown Atlanta GA You can donate furniture in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia without going farther than your driveway, thanks to the help of American Kidney Services. Our charity makes it easy for busy individuals like you to support our cause by offering to pick up donations from people’s homes.

Although we strive to accept every donation, we do have some restrictions regarding the type of furniture we accept. Since the items must be carried by our workers and transported in one of our collection vehicles, we ask that if you only choose small items if you decide to donate furniture to us. These can include:

  • Nightstands
  • Coffee stables
  • Small bookshelves
  • End tables
  • Dining chairs
  • And other easy-to-carry pieces

Once you decide to donate furniture to our charity, we ask that you fill out our online form to be added to our pickup schedule in Midtown Atlanta. After we call you to inform you of your collection date, you can put any furniture you wish to donate on your curb or driveway and label it “AKS.” If you decide to donate additional items, such as books, electronics, silverware, clothes, or more, you can put them in a box, bag, or other container also labeled “AKS.” While our pickup service is ideal for those who want to donate furniture, you can drop off other, smaller items in any of our drop boxes or Value Village stores near your neighborhood.

Regardless of whether you prefer to use our pickup service or to leave your donations in our drop boxes, when you donate furniture and other items to us, you’re helping patients with kidney disease. That’s because American Kidney Services uses all the net proceeds that are raised through donated items to contribute to the American Kidney Fund, which helps kidney disease patients pay for transportation, housing, and other bills. That’s especially important considering that kidney disease is physically debilitating, expensive to treat, and tends to impede patients’ ability to continue working.

To learn more about how you can donate small furniture to American Kidney Services in Midtown Atlanta, GA, contact us today.