Donate Winter Clothes to an Atlanta, GA Charity to Brrring Warmth and Relief to Families Nationwide

Donate Winter Clothes Atlanta GAIf you’re looking to donate, winter clothes that you no longer wear can be an excellent gift to an Atlanta, GA area charity. If you have a coat that no longer fits or gloves your children outgrew, consider donating them to American Kidney Services. We’re a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds for people affected by kidney disease by collecting donations of clothing and household items. We make it easy to donate winter clothes because we collect items right from your home. Simply call us or fill out the online form to be added to our pick-up schedule. We’ll call when our drivers will be in your area, and you can leave your items in a bag or box labeled “AKS” by your mailbox.

When you donate winter clothes to American Kidney Services, you’re helping people with kidney disease and their families make it through a tough time – without even leaving your home in Atlanta. Kidney disease is a serious illness that often requires regular dialysis, a costly medical treatment. Some families find themselves having to choose between dialysis and essentials, like electricity, and that’s an extremely difficult place to be in life. American Kidney Services wants to alleviate the strain of those families, and your donations go so far in helping us do that.

Kidney disease patients and their families aren’t the only ones who benefit from your donations. Others who benefit include:

  • Families in the Atlanta, Georgia who are struggling financially. The items we collect are made available to anyone who wants them at more affordable prices than brand new items. Of all the things you donate, winter clothes are especially helpful during the cold winter months, as quality coats can be expensive.
  • The environment. Every item you donate rather than discard is one less item that needs to be made new. It may seem like only a small contribution to Mother Nature, but all of the donations people make add up and save the world a lot of energy, resources, and space in landfills.
  • Not only are donations to American Kidney Services tax-deductible*, but you get the benefit of a more comfortable home. A clean, organized home free of unneeded clutter tends to be a tranquil, positive environment.

To learn more about American Kidney Services, or if you’d like to donate winter clothes to us, contact us today. We appreciate all of our Atlanta, GA area donors.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law.