A woman wearing a winter coat and a stocking cap, pulling the hat down over her eyes

Donating Winter Coats to American Kidney Services in Atlanta, GA

If your winter coat is last year’s fashion, or a new one has caught your fancy, you can still make sure your old coat can have new life again. Donating clothing, including winter coats, to charitable organizations like American Kidney Services can let others in the Atlanta, Georgia, area enjoy your gently used items.

How To Donate to AKS

There are two primary ways to donate to AKS: pickup and drop-off. When you sign up for our contactless donation pickup services, we call you every three to six weeks to see if you have anything to donate. If you do, you leave items outside your home, in bags or boxes clearly labeled with AKS since our drivers can’t pick up anything that’s not clearly marked. Your pickup driver will leave a tax receipt for you so you can claim the donation on your taxes.*

If you’d prefer, you can drop off your donations, including winter coats, at any of our convenient drop off boxes or any of the Value Village stores throughout the Atlanta area.

Why Choose AKS as Your Charity of Choice

AKS helps support the more than 37 million people in the U.S. who are living with chronic kidney disease. Whether you’re donating clothing or other household items in Atlanta, GA, you’re not only saving money on your taxes by itemizing your deductions and listing your donation, but you’re also keeping your items from going into over-burdened landfills. Donation is eco-friendly, since 15% of what’s currently going into landfills is still usable.  Contact us today if you have any questions, or to get on our pickup list.

* To the fullest extent allowed by law