American Kidney Services Inc. Donation Centers Near Alpharetta, GA

A man holding a box of clothing with the word "donation" on the front of the box

When you donate your used items to American Kidney Services Inc., it’s like tossing a stone into a tranquil pond. The act is small, but the ripples created spread out to touch countless lives. That includes the 37 million Americans who have chronic kidney disease. We’re happy to help you find our donation centers near Alpharetta, Georgia, so you can create these ripples of positive change.

Let Us Help You Find a Nearby Pond

Imagine finding donation centers as looking for the point where you toss your stone. We have several options for donation drop off, making it easy for you to give. Not sure where the nearest AKS donation center is? You can find a drop box near you with just a few clicks. For example, if you were at 200 S. Main St. in Alpharetta, you’d find 10 drop off locations within 5 miles.

You can also create an account to get on our contactless pickup list. Whenever you have a donation ready, you can call us at 770-441-2220. We’ll put you on our pickup schedule. Box or bag your items, clearly label them with AKS, and put them outside. We’ll take it from there.

What to Donate to AKS Inc.

You might wonder, “What are needed items I can donate?” We gratefully accept a wide range of items, including:

  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and shoes
  • Electronics such as stereos, TVs, and small appliances
  • Kitchen items including flatware, dishes, pots, and pans
  • Household items like linens, towels, and knick-knacks
  • Toys and books your children have outgrown

If you’re unsure whether an item is suitable, please contact us. We’re always ready to assist you.

Why You Should Donate to AKS Inc.

It’s time to cast your stone. Look for our donation centers and know that your generosity creates wide ripples. Every donation drop off is a chance to change a life. Your act of charity is more than just a stone thrown into a still pond—it’s a wave of hope for those in need. Let us help you create those ripples today.