Understanding the Benefits of Clothes Recycling Through Clothing Donation in Sandy Springs, GA

Multiples items of folded clothing sit on top of a cardboard box labelled "donate"Every clothing donation you make in Sandy Springs, Georgia, whether at one of our donation drop off centers or through our donation pick up service, contributes to a cycle of sustainable giving. Here at American Kidney Services, we use the proceeds from your donations to help people who have chronic kidney disease.

Clothes Recycling: An Act of Sustainability and Support

The process of making a clothing donation is simple:

  • Identify items you no longer need. Most household items, especially clothes, are perfect for donation.
  • Prepare your items for pick-up or drop-off by packing them in a box or bag and labeling them with “AKS.”
  • Arrange a pickup by calling us at 770-441-2220 or creating an account.
  • Drop your items in our donation drop boxes.

Your donations are tax-deductible*, and our driver will provide a receipt after each pick-up.

The Impact of Your Clothing Donation

Every piece of clothing you donate reduces waste, promotes reuse, and supports those in need. Not only does your clothing donation provide affordable attire for those who might struggle to buy new, but it also supports the mission of AKS—helping individuals who have chronic kidney disease.

The act of clothing donation is a crucial part of a greener, more caring world, supporting environmental sustainability and social compassion in equal measures.

Join Us in Changing Lives

Every clothing donation made in Sandy Springs, GA, contributes to a larger narrative of kindness, care, and sustainability. We invite you to join this story by scheduling a donation pick up or visiting one of our donation drop off locations today. If you need any further assistance or have questions, feel free to contact us. Together, let’s turn the simple act of clothes recycling into a lifeline for those in need.

* To the fullest extent allowed by law