The Charity Making Eco-Friendly Donating Easier in Atlanta, Georgia, & Surrounding Areas

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While you may already know that donating to charity can help those in need, did you know that it’s also a fantastic way to help the Earth while you’re at it? Giving your clothes and used household items to an Atlanta, Georgia, area charity like American Kidney Services (AKS) is a wonderful way to help kidney disease sufferers and prevent our local landfills from overflowing.

What Makes Donating So Eco-Friendly?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that an average American produces about 4.5 pounds of trash each day—meaning we produce about half of the world’s garbage. However, 15 percent of that “trash” is actually reusable, durable goods! So, the next time you want to get rid of clothing that no longer fits, a kitchen appliance that’s a few years old, or books you’ve already read, think about donating to charity before you toss those items in the trash. This reduces the waste that goes into landfills, helping both the planet and the people who shop second-hand by doing so.

Eco-friendly donating doesn’t have to be difficult, either. When you donate your items to AKS, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of donation methods to find the one that works best for you and your busy schedule. You could drop your items off at one of our 24-hour drop boxes in the Atlanta area, or you could sign up to join our free donation pickup program to have us come to you to collect your donations. That way, you can clear out some extra clutter, support a good cause, and help the planet without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

How Eco-Friendly Donating Works

AKS welcomes a variety of used goods, including:

  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and outerwear
  • Silverware, glassware, plates, and serving dishes
  • Small kitchen appliances and electrical items
  • Miscellaneous decorative items
  • Drapes, bedding, and other linens
  • Televisions, CD players, DVD players, and radios
  • Any types of books

AKS, in conjunction with the American Kidney Fund, turns your generous gifts into direct financial aid for patients suffering from kidney disease. We’re proud to make eco-friendly donating easier than ever before with our contactless donation pickup program—simply call 866-766-1957 or fill out our online form to add your name to our rotational donation pick-up schedule. We offer standard weekday donation pick up and expedited pick up options. If you choose to make a donation drop-off, bring your tax-deductible* donations to the AKS 24/7 storefront donation center in Atlanta, any of our 24/7 donation drop boxes, or Value Village locations.

To learn more about our eco-friendly donating options for residents of the Atlanta, GA, area and the benefits of donating, feel free to give American Kidney Services a call today at 866-766-1957.

*To the fullest extent allowed by the law