Our Clothes Donation Drop Box Locations Are All Over Sandy Springs, GA 

You may not believe it, but nearly every outfit in your closet can be turned into direct financial aid or money to educate those suffering from kidney disease. American Kidney Services has a solution if you’re looking for a clothes donation drop box in Sandy Springs, Georgia, to offload your old clothes! 

At American Kidney Services, we are dedicated to helping patients with kidney disease and their families in any way we can. But we can’t complete our mission without the help and services provided by your generosity.  

How You Can Help 

American Kidney Services relies upon donations from residents across the Atlanta metropolitan area. Those donations get turned into valuable funding for those who need it. However, it all starts with you and our clothes donation drop box locations. 

It may be time to empty your closet of all those old outfits you haven’t touched in months or years. We’re looking for clothing like: 

  • Men’s and women’s clothing 
  • Children’s clothing  
  • Jackets, sweaters, and coats 
  • Shoes 

Once you’re done collecting all your old clothing, locate one of our many clothing drop box locations across the area by clicking here. Our drop boxes are available 24/7 if you have a late-night urge to clean your closet.  

We also have several clothes and shoes drop box locations at your nearest Value Village. On top of Value Village locations, you can also utilize our drop box at the Roswell Recycling Center at 11750 Maxwell Road in Roswell.  

With so many options, you can almost drop your old clothes off anywhere in the area to help benefit American Kidney Services! 

Thank You for Your Help 

American Kidney Services loves the help of donations from Sandy Springs, GA. With all our clothes donation drop box locations in the area, you’re sure to find a spot convenient to you. For more information, call us at 866-766-1957 or visit our contact us page.