Clothing Donation in Marietta, GA, Is a Simple Act With a Big Impact

A woman holding a neatly folded stack of clothes, ready for clothes recycling.At American Kidney Services, we’re dedicated to creating a positive impact through our clothing donation initiative in Marietta, Georgia. When you make a clothing donation, you’re doing much more than decluttering your wardrobe. You’re contributing to a wave of positive change.

Making a Difference

There are many benefits of clothing donation. First, proceeds from your donations go to organizations that support 37 million people who have chronic kidney disease.

Moreover, clothing donation is eco-friendly. By giving your used clothes a second life, you keep them out of the landfills. Also, it decreases the need for new materials to create more clothes.

Simple Steps to Donate

Donating with AKS is simple and straightforward. You can drop off your donations at our local donation drop-off centers or arrange for a free donation pick-up service. Simply call us at 770-441-2220, or fill out our online form, creating an account that allows us to serve you better. Remember to place your donations in a bag or box, clearly labeled with AKS, for our pickup drivers to identify. If you prefer to drop off your clothing donation, you can use any of our conveniently located drop boxes.

Going Beyond Clothes

While clothing donation is our primary focus, we welcome most common household items. So, if you’re looking to part with more than just clothes, feel free to donate other things as well.

Partnering With AKS for Clothing Donation

Your clothing donation might seem like a small act, but it carries a tremendous impact. By choosing to donate, you support individuals living with kidney disease, contribute to sustainable practices, and empower those who can’t afford to buy new clothes to have a wardrobe they can be proud of.

So, next time you find yourself with clothes you no longer need, remember the drop boxes for AKS. And always remember—your clothing donation isn’t just a hand-off—it’s a hand up for many people around Marietta, GA. Contact us today to schedule your donation pick-up or find a donation drop-off location near you.