Is It Time to Clean Out Your Kid’s Room? Donate Toys to American Kidney Services in Sandy Springs, GA!

You’re in luck if you’ve been in your kid’s room recently and feel anxious due to all the clutter and loose toys. How about working with a group that will help you pare down and give you a chance to help others in need? Donate toys to American Kidney Services in Sandy Springs, Georgia!

Your donation goes beyond a trip to other donation services or a few extra bucks at a yard sale. You get the satisfaction of knowing that what you donate directly impacts the life of someone suffering from kidney disease.

So, How Does This Work?

American Kidney Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity designed to provide monetary and community support for anyone with kidney disease – especially those less fortunate. Through your donations, we aim to aid anyone battling kidney disease through financial aid or education.

How Do I Donate Toys to American Kidney Services?

Donating toys to AKS is easy, thanks to our many options. If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, you can do a donation drop-off at any Value Village location or in one of our 24/7 drop boxes.

You also can schedule a donation pick-up if you don’t want to leave home! Call 770-441-2220 or complete this online form to schedule your pick-up from Monday to Friday between 6:30 a.m. and sunset.

What Kind of Toys Can I Donate?

Nearly anything! While American Kidney Services will take any toy, including stuffed animals, giving away toys with all parts and pieces is generally accepted and appreciated. After all, no kid enjoys getting a toy that only half works, right?

Join the Fight Today!

American Kidney Services wants you to donate toys, especially in the Sandy Springs, GA, community. Any donation, whether it’s clothing or your child’s toys, can help us bridge the gap into a future where the fight against kidney disease is won. Join us today!