American Kidney Services Offers Donation Pick Up Services for Donors in Alpharetta, GA

Helping a family deal with the devastating effects of kidney disease can genuinely change lives. That’s why American Kidney Services exists – to help patients discover help is possible through direct aid! Our work is only possible thanks to the generosity of donors across Alpharetta, Georgia, and beyond. We’ve made it even easier now with donation pick up services.

When you choose to help AKS, know that your charitable contributions go to help the thousands of people across Georgia who suffer from kidney disease. Our donation collection service is here to help you clean your house and help those in need.

Donation Transport Service by AKS

AKS proudly offers pick up services for residents across the Atlanta metro area. Why load up your car with old stuff when we can do it for you?

To start, you need to gather your used items, such as toys, books, clothes, electronics, cookware, or household items, and ready them for pick up. However, you still need to sign up online to be added to our donation pick up rotation. You can also call us at 770-441-2220.

We offer several services as your donation pick up company of choice, such as:

  • Standard: Choose a scheduled time, and our friendly staff will pick up your unused goods.
  • Expedited: By special request only, we can arrange to pick up your items within a week.
  • Special collections: Are you trying to eliminate unsold yard sale stuff? We can take it off your hands!

As a donation removal service, we strive to provide our donors first-class care. When you donate to AKS, you also gain access to tax documentation, allowing you to lower your tax burden* at the end of the fiscal year.

AKS for Kidney Disease Care and Compassion

AKS works diligently across the Atlanta metro area, including Alpharetta, GA, for donation pick up services. Remember that your unused goods can become direct financial aid for needy patients across Georgia and the U.S. If you want more information, contact us online or by phone at 866-766-1957.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law.