Drop Off Your Old Stuff at a Clothes Donation Drop Box in Alpharetta, GA  

We know your problem: you’ve got a house in Alpharetta, Georgia, full of old clothes that you and your family don’t wear anymore. We’ve got a solution: utilize a clothes donation drop box from American Kidney Services! 

American Kidney Services (AKS) has been helping patients and family members of those suffering from the debilitating effects of kidney disease across Georgia. Whether it’s education or direct financial aid, AKS is dedicated to helping anyone who needs it.  

Using an AKS Clothes Donation Drop Box 

AKS has clothing drop box locations across the Atlanta Metropolitan area. We’re focused on providing convenience to anyone who wishes to donate to the cause. You can donate such clothing items like:  

  • Children’s clothing 
  • Men’s and women’s clothing 
  • Shoes 
  • And more! 

First, we have hundreds of clothes donation drop box locations that you can locate with our handy donation drop box locator tool. The only thing you need to do is enter your address into the system and discover the closest drop box to you. These drop boxes are available to use 24/7.  

You can also drop off unused clothing items at any participating Value Village location. While Value Village is not open 24/7, it still provides you with another location that’s convenient for anyone.  

Finally, we have another clothes and shoes drop box location at the Roswell Recycling Center at 11750 Maxwell Road in Roswell. 

Wherever you are in the area, AKS likely has a place where you can drop off the clothes you wish to donate. If lowering your tax burden is something you want to achieve, know that donating to AKS is tax-deductible*. 

Help a Patient in Need Today 

American Kidney Services welcomes nearly all clothing items at our clothing donation drop box locations across Alpharetta, GA. If your home needs to be decluttered of clothing, work with AKS to help make living with kidney disease more manageable. Call us today at 866-766-1957 or visit our contact us page for more information. 

*To the fullest extent allowed by law