Help a Kidney Patient by Donating Your Old Clothes at A Clothes Donation Drop Box in Dunwoody, GA 

Nothing is better than the joy of knowing that a small gesture by you can lead to tremendous help for someone else. If you’re in Dunwoody, Georgia, and have some old clothes you wish to get rid of, utilize a clothes donation drop box from American Kidney Services. 

American Kidney Services is one of the premier charities in the area for raising awareness and providing financial help to those suffering from kidney disease. The old saying goes, “A little bit goes a long way.” That’s why your clothes are such a critical part of our mission.  

Where to Find Out Drop Boxes  

Finding a clothes donation drop box by American Kidney Services is simple. The only thing you need to do is click here to find the box closest to your address. From there, it’s all about gathering your items and dropping them off at our clothing drop box.  

We have also partnered with our friends at Value Village to take direct donations via clothes and shoes drop box locations.  

If that’s too much, our work can go even further for you. You can schedule a donation pickup by signing up here 

Regardless of size, your contribution turns into direct financial aid and education funding for kidney patients and their families.  

We Take Nearly Anything 

American Kidney Services takes almost any item of clothing, from men’s and women’s clothing to kids’ clothing and even shoes. You can learn more about what we take here 

Help Someone in Need Today 

If helping your fellow man interests you, then work with American Kidney Services. Wherever your nearest clothes donation drop box is located, we’ll be sure to take anything out of your hands. For more information, call us at 866-766-1957 or check out our Contact Us page.