Time to Clean? Use a Clothes Donation Drop Box in Marietta, GA, to Help 

Your closet is likely full of clothing or materials that haven’t been touched in months or years. Did you know donating those old clothes using a clothes donation drop box in Marietta, Georgia, can benefit kidney patients?  

American Kidney Services has used these critical donations for decades to help kidney patients and their families across Georgia. Your donations can be turned into direct financial aid and education for those suffering from this deadly disease, so every penny counts! So, how can you help?  

Clothing Drop Box Locations Near You 

If you’re searching for a place to drop off your gently used or no longer used clothes, look no further than here.  

American Kidney Services has drop boxes all over the Metro Atlanta area, including Marietta, GA. You can find several locations near your location here 

But if a clothes and shoes drop box doesn’t suit you, we have partnered with Value Village as additional locations for our donation services. 

We can take it further if you like. We also provide a valuable pickup service you can utilize. Our pickup services run from sunup to sundown on most days. You can join the service by signing up on our website.  

What Do We Take?  

Of course, we don’t take just any item of clothing, but we do take a vast amount of clothes and shoes. Specifically, we are seeking the following: 

  • Men’s and women’s clothing 
  • Children’s clothing donations 
  • Jackets, sweaters, and coats 
  • Shoes 
  • And more! 

Join the Crusade Against Kidney Disease 

American Kidney Services is the Marietta, GA, source for helping those suffering from kidney disease. Utilizing our clothes donation drop box locations, you are aiding those who may need help against the disease. For more information, call us at 866-766-1957 or check out our Contact Us page.