Complimentary Donation Pick Up Service Makes it Easy to Donate Antiques in Atlanta & throughout Fulton County

donate_antiquesYou might be hesitant to donate antiques if they have sentimental value or have been in your family for a long time. However, it may help you make the decision to donate your items if you know they’ll be going to an extremely good cause. American Kidney Services (AKS), in conjunction with the American Kidney Fund (AKF), welcomes your antiques, collectibles, and vintage items so that we can provide direct financial assistance to patients suffering from kidney disease.

AKS makes it extremely easy to donate antiques because we offer free donation pick up service to residents in Atlanta and surrounding areas. All you need to do is find the items you want to donate and pack them in bags or boxes that are labeled with “AKS.” Once you’ve added your name and phone number to the AKS donation free pickup list (call 770-441-2220 or fill out our online form), we’ll contact you when donation pick ups are being scheduled in your neighborhood.

In addition to helping a worthy local charity and clearing clutter from your home, when you donate antiques you also get to deduct the value of the items from your annual taxable income*. Our donation pick up drivers will leave a tax receipt for your tax-deductible* charitable donations, or you can obtain a tax receipt at AKS donation locations: the 24/7 storefront donation center in Atlanta, donation drop boxes, or Value Village thrift department stores. In addition to antiques and collectibles, AKS also accepts clothing, shoes, jewelry, home décor accents, collectibles, small furniture, electronics, small appliances, books, and more.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law