Clothes to Donate in the Atlanta, GA Area: Give Your Clothes to American Kidney Services

messy_closetIf you go into your closet right now, could you find clothes to donate? How about if you choose each piece of clothing that you haven’t worn for a year? Two years? American Kidney Services (AKS) knows that many closets in the greater Atlanta, GA area are overflowing with apparel that is seldom worn. Finding clothes to donate is a great way to remove clutter and organize your life, all while supporting a worthy cause that lends direct financial aid to sufferers of kidney disease.

In today’s struggling economy, used clothing is one reason why people are shopping at discount stores and thrift stores across Atlanta, Doraville, Vinings, Dunwoody, and surrounding areas. This means that clothes you donate to our Atlanta area charity can be valuable. AKS wants to sell your used clothes so that we can donate all proceeds directly to the American Kidney Fund, an incredible charity that uses AKS contributions to support treatment, education, and prevention of kidney disease.

Not exactly sure what to be looking for in your closet? Below are a few tips for finding used clothes to donate.

  • Women’s clothes: look for styles and fashions from previous years. Check in the back of your closet and ask yourself when the last time that you wore a certain piece of clothing was. Remember that you can donate outerwear items like hats, coats, and scarves, as well as miscellaneous items like belts, handbags, and jewelry.
  • Men’s clothes: used suits are always in demand. Ask yourself if you have any slacks or jackets that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. Don’t forget to check your tie collection for possible donations.
  • Children’s clothes: if you have teenagers, chances are they’ve outgrown half of their clothes and shoes. Or maybe you have a toddler who no longer fits into his or her baby clothes. Because children need so many clothes, but outgrow them so quickly, used kid’s clothing is always a popular item donated to our charities.

Finding clothes to donate is easy. Luckily, knowing how and where to donate those clothes is even easier. Thanks to American Kidney Services – with our hundreds of convenient 24/7 donation drop off locations and a rotational schedule of donation pick ups – helping those in need has never been more manageable. Find the closest AKS donation center to you, or contact us to request a pick up today in Atlanta, Doraville, or any of the surrounding areas.