Donating Clothes vs. Selling Them on Poshmark: What You Need to Know

A rack of hung clothing in various patterns and texturesHave extra clothes you no longer wear taking up space in the back of your closet? You aren’t alone—but thankfully there are plenty of ways to get rid of extra clothing that are easier than ever before. Two key ways of doing so are donating them or selling them via online consignment store Poshmark, but there’s a few things you need to know about each method before you start bagging up your clothes.

Selling on Poshmark

If you’re looking to make some extra cash while streamlining your closet, selling on Poshmark may look like an attractive option. However, this method requires a good bit of work in order for you to see any form of profit. This website is essentially part social media, part consignment store and requires you to create an account, post your virtual closet, interact with users, fill out information and prices, and ship out your items once they’ve been purchased before you make any money of your own.

Donating Your Clothes

If all of that sounds like too much hassle and not enough reward, donating your clothes is a much better option that yields nothing but positive results. Donating clothing is exceptionally simple, especially when you donate using American Kidney Services’ contactless clothing donation pickup service. Not only is this process as easy as creating an account, scheduling your pickup, and leaving your items outside your home or workplace to be picked up by our trucks during conveniently scheduled hours of operation, but it also supports a wonderful cause at the same time.

AKS accepts donations on behalf of the American Kidney Fund, a charitable organization that provides vital funding and support to the fight against kidney disease. Donating your clothing to AKS instead of selling it on Poshmark is an easier and more rewarding method of clearing extra space in your closet, so get started by contacting us today at 866-766-1957. Alternatively, you can also drop off your items at a local collections center in the Atlanta, Georgia, area (you can find the closest point to your address here).