Tips to Help You in Your Search for an Atlanta Charitable Organization to Donate To

Atlanta Charitable OrganizationIf you’re looking for an Atlanta charitable organization to donate to, there are several things you may want to consider before you write a check. First and foremost, you should make sure that the charities you’re considering are legitimate non-profits that are registered with the IRS. Once you know that they are, you can move on to choosing which Atlanta charitable organization to donate to.

The primary purpose of donating, as many people would agree, is to give back to the community, whether that community is your city, state, nation, or the world. But donating also serves the purpose of making you feel good about yourself; for that reason, you should optimize that good feeling by donating to one of the causes you care most about. Before you spend money, ask yourself, “What issues in my community or the world do I most want to fix?” Maybe you’d like to help fight poverty, keep traditional arts alive, give inner-city students more educational opportunities, or protect wildlife. Whatever issue you care most about, there is likely an Atlanta charitable organization related to it that you can donate to.

You don’t necessarily have to give money to help your cause. Volunteering your time to a charity can be extremely valuable, as it helps the charity keep costs low. Some organizations could use a hand with everyday clerical work, and by volunteering to help around the office a couple hours a week, you could further their cause and save them from having to hire someone. Organizations often need volunteers for special events, and others accept volunteers at any time, like animal shelters, food banks, and homeless shelters. Additionally, if you have a special skill (like web design or writing), your favorite Atlanta charitable organization may be able to make good use of it.

If you decide that donating money is the best way for you to give back, make sure the charity you choose spends its donations and earnings on its cause. Not all charities are the same; some have unnecessarily high overhead and administrative costs. Do some research and find out where the organization’s money goes before you make that contribution.

If you’re still on the search for an Atlanta charitable organization to donate to, consider American Kidney Services. We’re a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that collects donations of clothing and household goods to raise money for the American Kidney Fund, a charity that gives direct financial aid to people who are suffering from kidney disease. The great thing about donating to us is that it’s incredibly easy and ideal for people on a tight budget or with a busy schedule. Simply call us or fill out the online form to be added to our pick-up list, and when our trucks will be in your neighborhood, you can leave your unwanted items by your mailbox in a box or bag labeled “AKS.” Alternatively, you can donate your items to AKS at an area Value Village, or you can leave them in any of our hundreds of drop boxes in the area.

To learn more about American Kidney Services and why we’re an excellent Atlanta charitable organization to donate to, contact us today. Thank you for considering donating; giving back to your community, whichever way you choose to do it, is a wonderful act of kindness.