Charitable Contributions from Atlanta, GA, Residents Benefit Kidney Disease Patients

Charitable Contributions Atlanta GAMaking charitable contributions to American Kidney Services (AKS) is a great way to get rid of unwanted items in your Atlanta, Georgia, home or business while supporting other individuals who are in need. Donations of clothing, electronics, toys, books, cookware, antiques, and other goods to our charity benefit people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease, a life-threatening illness that affects roughly 31 million men, women, and children nationwide. Through generous charitable contributions to AKS, and in conjunction with the American Kidney Fund, kidney disease patients are able to receive much-needed financial assistance to cover the costs of adequate medical care.

At AKS, we’ve made it easy for residents in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area to make meaningful donations to our charity. Our stress-free donation methods include:

  • Complimentary pickup services – We will happily pick up charitable contributions from homes and businesses in Atlanta and all surrounding communities. We operate a rotational pickup schedule Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. until dark. Just call us or use our online form to schedule a free donation pickup. If you have a large amount of donations, you can request a special pickup to occur on a Saturday.
  • Utilizing our donation drop boxes – Our charity organization has numerous drop boxes located throughout the Metro Atlanta area where donations can be left 24/7.
  • Dropping off items at our storefront donation center – Charitable contributions can be taken to our storefront in Atlanta 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Bringing items to Value Village thrift department stores – Local Value Village stores accept donations on behalf of AKS during regular business hours.

Contact AKS to learn more about what kinds of items you can donate, and how your charitable contributions enable our organization to continue its mission of helping kidney disease patients in need. We welcome charitable giving from all communities near Atlanta, GA.