Guide to Selecting the Right Charity in Atlanta, GA to Donate To

Charity Atlanta GAWhen you begin looking into donating to a charity in Atlanta, GA, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Atlanta is home to hundreds of worthy charities that are doing exciting things for the state, the south, the nation, and the world, and picking just one or two organizations to support can be difficult. If your head is spinning and you need some help with choosing the right charity, follow these guidelines.

First, decide which cause is the most important to you. Allow yourself to spend some time really thinking about this. While a donation to almost any charity is helpful to someone, you’ll feel better about your donation if you truly care about the cause and the people the charity supports. There is a charity for almost any issue you can think of, from cancer to poverty to veterans’ health.

Once you have found an organization that supports a cause you care about, make sure it’s legitimate. Search the organization’s name on the Charity Navigator, Guide Star, Better Business Bureau, and/or Charity Watch websites to ensure it’s accredited. You may also want to take into consideration the rating these organizations have given it.

If the charity you are looking at is accredited and legitimate, you can make your donation confident that it will do good for the world. However, you’ll feel even better about your contribution if you know exactly what your money is used for. Check the charity’s website for their annual reports, financial reports, or other documents that detail what they do and how they spend the money they raise. If you think the programs they run help their cause, you’re ready to give a donation.

Of course, donating money isn’t your only option. If you have free time, your charity of choice may be able to use it. Plenty of charities need help with office tasks or special events, so even offering an hour or more of your time whenever you’re capable can go a long way in helping the organization achieve its goals.

The easiest way to make a difference is to donate your old clothes and household items to a charity that reuses them or fundraises with them. American Kidney Services, for example, collects donations of items right from donors’ homes in the Atlanta, GA area. The funds these goods generate go toward programs that help kidney patients through difficult financial times. In many cases, a donation of still-good clothes and household items is truly lifesaving. Plus, it’s free, and it’s as easy as a walk to the end of your driveway or a visit to one of our hundreds of drop boxes in the area.

To learn more about donating to American Kidney Services, please contact us today, or fill out our online form to be added to our pick-up schedule. Your donations to our charity make a world of difference to people affected by kidney disease.