Ways to Help a Charity in Roswell, GA

Charity Roswell GAAre you wondering how you can help a charity in Roswell, GA? Many people think that the best way to give to charitable organizations is to donate money, but there are many ways you can support a charity without writing a check. If you don’t have a big budget for charity donations, consider giving back in one of the following ways:

  • Volunteer at events – If you’re a people person, lending a helping hand at a charity’s special events could be the perfect way for you to support a good cause. Charities that have events often need volunteers to help make the events happen, whether it’s by setting up, handing out water, or giving directions. Once you’ve found a charity in the Roswell area that does fundraising events, search their website for a volunteer application, or contact them and ask how you can help at an upcoming event.
  • Help with daily operations – There are countless charities that need help with their daily tasks. You may know that soup kitchens need people to help serve food, and animal shelters need people to walk and feed dogs, but those aren’t your only options. A local charity could need a volunteer office assistant to help with everyday office tasks, like data entry, answering the phone, filing, and other clerical work.
  • Contribute your skills – Are you a web developer, writer, artist, public relations expert, or another professional with a very useful skill? A charity in Roswell, GA could be looking for someone like you to help them with a project. By donating your time and expertise for free, you could save a charity hundreds or thousands of dollars that they’d have to pay someone to do the job.
  • Donate your old clothes, furniture, or household items – Some charities collect donations of used clothing, furniture, books, electronics, and other household goods and use the proceeds they generate on charity programs that help people in need. One such charity, American Kidney Services, collects donations right from people’s homes and gives the money the items raise to programs that provide financial support to kidney disease sufferers and their families. This is by far the easiest free way to help support a good cause; all you have to do is gather up your unwanted items and leave them by your mailbox, at a nearby Value Village, or at any of our hundreds of drop boxes in the Roswell, Georgia area.

To donate your used items to American Kidney Services from the comfort of your home, call us or fill out the online form to join our rotational pick-up list. If you’d like to learn more about how our charity helps people with kidney disease, contact us today.