Evaluating Charity Organizations in the Atlanta Area

charity_organizationsWhile many charity organizations seek assistance from donors throughout the Atlanta area, it’s important to evaluate charities carefully so that you can be sure your generosity is going to the right place. American Kidney Services (AKS) would like to give you a few tips on how to choose an organization that both meets your needs and does philanthropic work that you believe in.

Below are three of the main considerations to keep in mind when you’re evaluating charity organizations in Atlanta that you may want to donate to:

  1. What does the charity accept? – Whether you decided to donate cash, a car, housewares, clothes, or books, your donation is only useful if it goes to an organization that can use it. Some charities only accept monetary contributions, whereas others solely accept non-cash donations. Decide what you have to give and then narrow your list of charities down from there.
  1. Where is the charity located? – Many people prefer to donate to a local charity, both to support organizations within their own community and for the sake of convenience. Local charities are also likely to have donation drop-off locations or a pickup service in or near your neighborhood.
  1. Is the organization a qualified charity? – Unfortunately, not all groups that call themselves charities are actually registered organizations that have met the IRS requirements for non-profits. Once you narrow your list of non profit charity organizations down, do some research to find out which ones are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

To learn more about the top registered charities in the Atlanta Metro area, you can also use online charity evaluation sites or ask your friends and family members which charity organizations they prefer and why. If you are a resident of Atlanta, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Vinings, Douglasville, Doraville, or one of the surrounding areas and would like to gather information about AKS and the types of donations our charity accepts, please call 770-441-2220 or fill out our online contact form.