A New Generation for Charity: Teach Your Kids Why Donating to Charitable Organizations is Important

toy_donationDonating to charity is one of the most selfless acts that can be performed, and it’s important that people in the community remain educated on the good that can come from making charitable donations. To achieve that goal, parents should take the time to educate their children on the reasons to donate to charity, so that charities will continue to receive generous contributions and be able to continue their missions for years into the future.

There are a few points worth emphasizing to youngsters regarding why donating to charity is something they should strongly consider throughout their lives – notably helping others in need and supporting causes they feel strongly about. There are millions of people in the world dealing with unfortunate situations, such as being affected by a life-threatening illness, and many are in dire need of assistance. Teaching children that, when within their means, it is important to make donations that can help this population of people receive the help they need. Similarly, teaching kids that if they ever feel strongly about an issue – be it a tragic event such as severe weather that has struck a particular region, or a general humanitarian cause like fighting homelessness or hunger – it’s important to give to charity to help play a part in the remedy.

A good charity that operates in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is American Kidney Services (AKS). Our organization accepts common household goods such as clothes, small appliances, books, toys, electronics, and housewares. We use those items to generate funds that help support programs and services of the American Kidney Fund, a nonprofit charity that provides direct financial aid to kidney disease patients.

You can make a donation to AKS by scheduling our free donation pickup services via phone or our online form. You can also drop off donations for our charity at any of our drop boxes, at any Value Village thrift department store, or at our storefront location in Atlanta, GA. Contact us today for more information on our charity and how aid is provided to people with kidney disease when you donate used items to our organization.