Donate Your Furniture in Atlanta, GA, and Help Several Worthy Causes

Donate Furniture Atlanta GAResidents in Atlanta, Georgia, can make a real difference in the lives of people in need, as well as the environment, when they donate their furniture to charity. The furniture itself can be used to raise funds for specific causes and be used by someone unable to afford the cost of new furnishings. Additionally, donating items rather than throwing them away helps to keep our landfills from growing larger. Furthermore, recycling furniture and other goods can reduce the need for new manufacturing, which can save our natural resources and decrease damaging environmental effects.

When you’re deciding where to donate your furniture, you should consider how it will be put to use. Does the charity you’re considering support a cause you believe in? Does it serve people in the Atlanta community, across the country, or around the world? Is it an established 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization? Will your donation be tax deductible?

Then, after these questions have been answered, you’ll need to know how you can donate your furniture to the charity you chose. Some organizations offer home pickup services, some manage donation centers and drop boxes, and some have a range of convenient options to help you make your donation.

If you’d like to learn more about where you can donate your furniture in the Atlanta, GA, area, please contact American Kidney Services (AKS) today. We proudly accept donations from local residents to further our mission of supporting organizations that help people with kidney disease. We’ll even collect your donations free of charge when you schedule a pickup through our online form or with a call to our office.