Multiethnic group of friends using joysticks to play video games on television console, having fun with gaming competition.

Donating Electronics Like Video Game Consoles and Games Spreads Joy

You just got your new Xbox Series X, and you’re excited to start gaming on it! But what about your old Xbox 360? It’s still got a lot of life left in it. Why not consider donating it to American Kidney Services, Inc.? AKS is a charitable organization serving the Atlanta, Georgia, area that helps support the 37 million Americans who live with chronic kidney disease. When you’re donating electronics to AKS, not only do they become tax deductible*, they also free up space in your life.

Spreading the Joy of Video Games

You remember the feeling of playing your first Xbox 360 game, right? Imagine sharing that joy with someone new. That’s what happens when you donate your video game console and games to AKS. Someone who can’t necessarily afford a video game, much less a console, can have the opportunity to experience that euphoria.

Easy Donation Pickup Services in the Atlanta region

At AKS, we want to make it easy for you to donate your gently used electronics like video game consoles. That’s why we offer donation pickup services throughout the greater Atlanta, GA, area. Just sign up for an account to get on our pickup list, and we’ll contact you every three to six weeks to see if you have anything you’d like to donate. Then, on your pickup day, bag or box up whatever donations you have, including your video game console, clearly mark the bags or boxes with “AKS,” and leave them outside where our driver can easily see them.

If you prefer to drop off your donation, we have several drop boxes around the Atlanta area. Find the most convenient one for you here. And if you have any questions about donating electronics or any other home goods, contact us on our website or via phone at 866-766-1957.

* To the fullest extent allowed by law