Donate to Charities and Help People in Need

who_to_donate_toEveryone knows that charities rely on the good will of others in order for their organizations to be able to continue their respective missions. Most everyone would also agree that few feelings are better than knowing your choice to donate to a charity will enable a person in need to get the help they may require. At American Kidney Services (AKS), our mission is to support charities that aim to cure kidney disease and help the more than 26 million Americans kidney disease sufferers receive the proper care they need in their fight against the ailment.

Donating common household goods is the best way to enable AKS to continue its mission. You can make a clothing donation, furniture donation, or electronics donation to our charity, and your charitable contribution will directly benefit kidney disease patients. It’s important that people continue to show their generosity toward charitable organizations and donate as often as possible. Without that spirit of giving to help those who are in less fortunate positions, many people in need of services to enjoy a basic quality of life end up suffering. There are many kidney disease patients who can afford the rising costs of dialysis and other forms of treatment, which is why continuing to make contributions to charities like AKS is extremely important.

If you would like to make a clothing donation, toy donation, book donation, or if you would like to donate any other goods to our charity, please contact us today. We offer free donation pick up (schedule using our online form) and have drop boxes located throughout the Atlanta area. Value Village thrift department stores also accept donations on our behalf. We always welcome the philanthropic efforts from those in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities.