Donate DVDs and Other Multimedia to Our Atlanta Kidney Disease Charity

Donate DVDs AtlantaDonate DVDs, CDs, televisions, and other electronics or multimedia accessories to American Kidney Services (AKS) and you’re joining us in our mission to provide support to the American Kidney Fund (AKF), a worthy charitable organization that gives direct financial assistance to kidney disease patients. By assisting these individuals with their daily living expenses, we can help them focus on getting the treatment they need to stay well. Since 2004, AKS has partnered with generous donors like you and AKF to improve the lives of kidney disease sufferers in Atlanta and throughout the nation.

Benefits of donating DVDs, CDs, electronics, small appliances, used clothes, and household items to AKS include:

  • Your donations are tax deductible* – We are a qualified 501(c)(3) charity, and you can obtain a tax receipt at our storefront donation center in Atlanta, any Value Village thrift department store, or from our donation pickup drivers.
  • You can clear clutter from your home – We all have that overflowing media cabinet and the shelves stacked with CDs and DVDs that we don’t use anymore. By sorting through these items and donating them, you can organize and free up much needed space.
  • You can help the environment – When you donate DVDs and other electronics accessories, you’re keeping them out of a landfill, which helps make the Earth a cleaner, greener place to live.

It’s easy to donate DVDs and other used items to AKS because we offer free donation pick up services to residents of Atlanta and all the surrounding communities. Call 770-609-2200 or sign up online to be added to our regular donation pick up list. You can also make a donation drop off by bringing your contributions to our storefront donation center in Atlanta, Value Village thrift department stores, or any of the hundreds of AKS donation drop boxes located throughout Atlanta, Buckhead, Canton, Cumming, Stone Mountain, and the surrounding areas.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law