Things to Know Before You Donate Goods to a Charitable Organization in Atlanta, GA

Donate GoodsBefore you donate goods to any charity in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, you should take the time to do a little bit of research on the organizations that you are considering. Doing so can help you evaluate whether or not making donations to that particular charity is the route that is best for you. While charities operate under the same premise – to help others in need – there are some that might offer beneficial services, such as convenient donation methods and potential tax breaks, to name a few.

Here are some questions to think about regarding the specific organizations you are considering before you settle on where to donate your goods:

  • What types of items can you donate? Before you donate any goods, you need to find out if there are restrictions on the items you can donate. The majority of charitable organizations ask that you donate goods that are gently used or new, and for good reason. Items given to charity need to be reusable because they are going to other people, either through sale or gift.
  • Can you claim the goods you donate as tax deductions*? One benefit for the person donating to charity is having the ability to claim items as a tax deduction*. When charitable organizations are properly registered – such as those with the 501(c)3 classification – then people who donate can request a tax receipt* and claim those items as tax-deductible donations* on their next tax return.
  • Does the charity offer pickup services? Some charities will gladly send drivers to homes and businesses in the area to collect items. When you want to donate goods but don’t have the means to transport them, this service becomes essential. If the charity can’t or won’t pick up items, then obviously you will need to find information regarding the nearest drop off location to see if it is feasible.

American Kidney Services is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that serves Atlanta, GA, and all surrounding communities, and operates with a mission of helping people with kidney disease. We offer complimentarydonation pickup services (call us or use our online form to schedule a pickup) for common household items such as clothing, electronics, toys, books, and more. Our organization also has several convenient places where you can donate goods, including 24/7 drop boxes, a local storefront, and Value Village thrift department stores.

Contact AKS today if you want to donate goods to charity and are interested in donating to an organization that strives to support people in need. We welcome donations from Atlanta, GA, and all surrounding communities.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law