Residents of Atlanta, GA, Can Donate Books of All Types to Charity

Donate Books Atlanta GAResidents of Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding area who want to donate books to charity but are unsure of what types of books are acceptable as donations shouldn’t fret. The vast majority of charities that accept books as donations will be happy to receive virtually any type of book as a contribution – from mystery and science fiction novels to self-help books and children’s books – as long as the books are in good condition. That makes the likelihood of finding books to donate relatively high, as most people have used books on a shelf in their residence that they never intend to read again. A collection of books on the Civil War, the complete set of Harry Potter novels, Dr. Seuss children’s books, or novels by famed authors such as Stephen King or John Grisham all can serve as a meaningful contribution to charity.

Making the decision to donate books to an Atlanta, GA, area charity is a great way to pare down a reading collection while giving the gift of literature to others. By giving old books to charity, other people can experience the same adventures through reading that you were able to enjoy. Donating books to charity is also a great way to keep books that remain in good condition in circulation – and out of the trash and landfills.

If you are interested in making a book donation, considering donating to American Kidney Services. When you donate books to our charitable organization you help provide support to kidney disease patients in need. Residents of Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area can call us or use our online form to schedule our free donation pickup services, or drop off books they wish to donate to our charity at our storefront location in Atlanta, at any of our drop boxes, and at any local Value Village thrift department store. Contact us today for more information.