Make the Decision to Donate to Charity and Experience Plenty of Benefits

Donate Charity AtlantaDonating to charities is considered to be among the most selfless acts people can perform, oftentimes because the gesture will end up helping someone else in need. There are a variety of benefits associated with making a donation in the Atlanta area, particularly when donating to an organization like American Kidney Services (AKS), and the benefits are both for the people who donate and the people directly affected by the charitable act.

Our organization strives to support charities in the fight against kidney disease, an illness that today affects more than 26 million Americans. A clothing donation, furniture donation, toy donation, or a donation of other used household goods helps our charity generate funds that are used to support programs at the American Kidney Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides direct monetary support to kidney disease patients. Helping others with a donation is obviously one of the most powerful benefits of choosing to donate to a charitable organization, but there are others.

When looking around your Atlanta area home, it won’t take long to find things clogging up your living space that you no longer want or need. Those items can be old clothes, tools, toys, or electronic devices. Choosing to donate items like these to charities allows you to declutter your home while keeping usable items in circulation and potentially making them available to less fortunate people. It’s certainly more meaningful to make a clothing donation, TV donation (2007 or newer. We cannot accept floor model or projection TV’s), or book donation instead of just putting those items in the trash. Plus, when making a donation to AKS, which is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, those donations are tax deductible*.

Donating to a charity like AKS is simple in the Atlanta area because there are several different options to choose from. You can schedule a free donation pickup using our online form, stop by one of our convenientdrop box locations, visit our storefront location in Atlanta, or drop off items at your nearest Value Village thrift department store. Feel free to contact representatives of our Atlanta charity today to get more information about how to donate and benefit from donating to our organization.

*-To the fullest extent allowed by law