man giving away box marked for donationLocal Charity Donations in Atlanta, GA

You can make a local charity donation in Atlanta, Georgia, whose impact goes beyond your local community. When you donate to American Kidney Services, your contribution is spread to people across the country who are on dialysis and need help making ends meet. The proceeds made from your donations, whether you choose to donate used clothing, kitchenware, home goods, or electronics, will help kidney patients cover their living expenses and live with less financial stress.

Making Local Charity Donations Is Simple With AKS

At AKS, we strive to make it as simple as possible for residents of the Atlanta, GA, area with a generous heart to experience the benefits of donating and make a meaningful contribution in the lives of others. Here’s our frictionless process for turning your unneeded items into charity donations:

  • Select objects in your home that are no longer of use to you, such as bedding, clothing, or small appliances and bag or box them up.
  • Label the package with “AKS” to clearly signal your donation to our drivers.
  • Call our team at 866-766-1957 or create an account online to request your donation pickup.
  • On pickup day, be sure to put your donation in front of your home, preferably next to the mailbox.
  • Should you prefer to drop off your items rather than having them picked up, you can find a drop box near you here.

By making a tax-deductible local charity donation in partnership with AKS, you can provide direct financial assistance to kidney disease suffers. To get started, contact us at 866-766-1957 or schedule a donation pickup in the Atlanta, GA, area by creating an account online!