Charity Gifts to AKS Give Back to People in the Community

hospitalKnowing that your charity gifts benefit other people in need is the most rewarding feeling involved with philanthropy. After all, helping people in less fortunate situations is one of the primary reasons behind charitable giving. It would stand to reason, then, that many people who are considering donating to charity in the Atlanta, GA, area put some thought into how the donation will be used, and who exactly will be the beneficiaries of their particular charity gifts. Giving to charities that have a clearly stated mission of giving back to people in the community has become the ideal choice for many area residents who are interested in making charitable contributions.

The charity gifts of clothing, electronics, toys, books, housewares, tools, antiques, and other goods made to our charitable organization, American Kidney Services (AKS), benefit people with kidney disease. Kidney disease affects approximately 31 million men, women, and children in the United States. Many of the individuals who suffer from kidney disease struggle to meet the financial obligations associated with adequate medical care. Charity gifts of common household items to our organization help generate funding for programs of the American Kidney Fund, which provides direct financial aid to kidney disease patients for dialysis and other treatment-related expenses.

If you want your charity gifts to support a great cause and help individuals in need, consider making the contribution to AKS. We offer complimentary donation pickup services from homes and businesses throughout the greater Atlanta, GA, area (use our online form to schedule a pickup). Donations can also be dropped off at any of our donation centers, which include Value Village thrift department stores, our hundreds of conveniently located drop boxes in the area, and our storefront location in Atlanta. Contact us today for more information.