Give Clothes to Charity in Atlanta, Alpharetta & Roswell – Support a Worthy Kidney Disease Organization

 clothes_to_charityGiving clothes to charity in Atlanta is a great way to help those in need while also clearing clutter from your closet. Once you’ve chosen all the clothes that you no longer wear and would like to give to charity, let American Kidney Services (AKS) take care of the rest. We’re a locally based organization that collects generous contributions of used clothing and household items to generate proceeds for the American Kidney Fund (AKF), which offers direct financial aid to patients suffering from kidney disease.

Because AKS wants to make giving household items and clothes to charity as easy as possible, we’ve created three easy ways to request a donation pick up:

  • Standard donation pick up – Request a donation pick up at your home or office by adding your name to our regular donation free pickup list. Simply call 770-609-2200 or fill out our online form so that we can have your contact information on hand.
  • Expedited pick up – We offer expedited pick up in the event that your donations need to be picked up in one week or less. Call or fill out our online form to request this service.
  • Special collections – Weekend donation pick up is available for large donation loads, such as the unsold items from a garage sale or community sale. Call or fill out our online form to request this service.

If you prefer to donate items by making a donation drop off, simply bring your donations to the 24/7 AKS storefront location in Atlanta or any of our donation drop boxes. You can also bring donations to Atlanta area Value Village locations that have agreed to accept donations on our behalf. Now that you know who to donate to and where to donate clothes to charity, make today the day that you help improve the lives of kidney patients.