Make a Donation in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Marietta, Smyrna & Surrounding Areas to Help Fight Kidney Disease

couple_packingA single donation can go a long way in the Atlanta, GA area. Did you know that 38 million Americans suffer from kidney disease? And while 20,000 are lucky enough to undergo transplants every year, nearly 100,000 patients remain on the kidney waiting list. Don’t be discouraged—the good news is that one donation holds the power to help increase each patient’s quality of life while he or she copes with a devastating illness.

Charitable giving can be as easy as opening your closet and choosing the sweaters you haven’t worn within the last year. Or, you could scan your bookshelf for all those novels you’ve already read. These small gestures may seem simple, but, with the help of American Kidney Services (AKS) , your donation helps kidney disease sufferers in Atlanta and beyond.

By following a few simple steps, donation pick up or donation drop off in the Atlanta, GA area is fast, easy, and rewarding:

  • Choose donations like clothing, books, toys, small appliances, electrical items, bedding, or any other items that you no longer use.
  • Make sure to bag or box the items you wish to donate to charity.
  • Clearly label each donation bag or box with “AKS.” This is extremely important because our drivers are not allowed to collect anything without this identification.
  • Call us and donate for free by requesting a donation pickup (or sign up online to join our free pickup list), and on the day you are scheduled on our rotational route, place your donation in front of your home or office in a clean, dry place, preferably near the mailbox. Drivers can leave a tax receipt for you.
  • Or, if you would rather drop off your donations to our charity, take them to an AKS drop box or our storefront location in Atlanta. You also can drop off your donations at one of 12 Value Village locations that we have contracted to take donations on our behalf.

Whether you live in Roswell, Dunwoody, or Marietta, AKS is ready to make a donation pickup. By partnering with AKS, your tax deductible charitable donations lend direct financial aid to kidney disease sufferers and support programs that provide education on kidney disease. How else can you clear out the unwanted items in your home or office and help nearly 100 dialysis centers across Georgia? Don’t hesitate—donate.